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Julien Tornare, the CEO of Chronomaster Revival Manufacture Edition is clearly excited about the launch. He begins his presentation by saying that "I remember it as if it were yesterday. It was mid-November 2018." Two of my colleagues called me suddenly while I was at the manufacturing facility for a marketing meeting. They wanted to know if I could come up to the attic. You must see what we found.

I replied, "Are you sure [right now]?" "I mean, I'm currently in a meeting.Corum replica But I also know that they wouldn't pull me out of such a meeting if it weren't vital. I agreed and ran to the attic.

Julien was met by his colleagues who offered him a small box containing some old dials. Zenith's Le Locle manufacturing plant is an institution that has been around for many generations. Aside from Charles Vermot's famous attic of treasures, it is not unusual to find dials scattered all over the grounds.

Charles Vermot discovered prototype dials in their attic,chopard replica watches which inspired the Zenith Chonomaster Revival Edition.

Julien says, "Here is what we loved: the blue dials with three shades of blue have never been commercialized." These dials were prototypes. He decided to hide part of Charles Vermot’s treasures.rolex replica watches Is it possible that he brought a lot of these boxes and other items into the attic. We don't know. We do know that these dials have never been commercialized or used. We also discovered them in 2018, in the heart and soul of our manufacturer, in the attic.

These dials were clearly intended for the A386, with their tri-color design. This vintage-toned release is similar to the Chronomaster Revival Shadow, but it has its roots in the great tale of the famous attic.

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